ABC Elections 2019

The next Ashford Borough Council election is on Thursday 2nd May 2019 

The 2019 Local Election campaign is set against a backdrop of a challenging period in our national politics. Here in Ashford we are concentrating on grass roots issues and ensuring that we field a full range of candidates, both Conservative councillors seeking re-election and new candidates hoping to serve their local community as Ashford Borough Councillors after May 2nd.

I am particularly proud of the diversity of our new candidates, as I have always believed that a community is best served by having voices from a wide cross section of ages and backgrounds, and a good gender balance. I am happy to report that of the 18 new Conservative candidates, 8 are female (almost 50%), 3 are under 22 years old, 4 are from a BAME background and 1 is registered blind.

Our candidates are a fascinating mix of professional and other backgrounds, incomers and Ashford born and bred, first timers into politics because of a local issue or personal passion (disability issues or a voice for young people) and local activists.

I think at a time when we are divided in so many ways as a country, this is a story of grass root politics strengthening and reaching a broader base. We will be capturing the stories of many of our candidates on video clips during the campaign.

I do hope you will want to contribute to the 2019 campaign. We are grateful for any help and support, whether it is a donation, fundraising event, canvassing or delivering leaflets. I want to involve as many people as possible because winning elections is the purpose of our Conservative Association. All the candidates’ contact details are on this site, so please contact them directly if you want to offer help in a particular ward.

Jo Gideon

Deputy Chairman Political



To find out who the Conservative Candidate for you ward is. Click below on your ward. 



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