Kingsnorth Village & Bridgefield Ward

The Conservative Candidate For Kingsnorth Village & Bridgefield Ward Is: David Robey

Contact David Robey:
Phone: 01233 712760
Mobile: 077 8068 7843


Dear Resident,

Now recently retired after a successful business career, I have been in Ashford Borough for over fourteen years. I live near Charing and I served on Ashford Borough Council from 2011 to 2015, with two years as Cabinet Member for Planning & Development.

Conservative Local Government is working in Ashford, which is rapidly becoming one of the most go - ahead places in the South East and the Borough is well run, providing reliable services, whilst keeping Council Tax the lowest in Kent.

I know that there is concern in Kingsnorth Village & Bridgefield, about a number of housing developments, that are necessary to help the Borough provide the houses that we need for our future growth.

We must ensure that all of this housing is high quality, with sufficient green open spaces, adequate parking, shops, public services and amenities and that all developments are sympathetic to the character of the area.

We must also ensure that the effect on the road network is carefully considered, so we need to work closely with Kent County Council, as the Highway Authority. Water and waste management also need to be up to the task.

If you elect me as your Borough Councillor, I will work tirelessly on these issues, so Vote David Robey Conservative on 2nd May, for Action in Kingsnorth Village & Bridgefield.                                                               

Yours sincerely,

David Robey