The only way Ed Miliband can get into power

With Labour facing wipeout in Scotland, the only way Ed Miliband can get into power is with the SNP propping him up.That would leave him at the mercy of their demands - and you'd pay for them with more taxes, more borrowin

Why won't they rule out a deal with the SNP?

Why won't Ed Miliband and his team rule out working with the SNP?The answer is clear: with Labour facing wipeout in Scotland, Ed Miliband has to be propped up by the SNP to get into power.We'll all pay for the SNP's de

Damian is Nominated

It's official! Damian hands in his nomination papers as the Conservative candidate for Ashford in the General Election. 

Only Conservatives put up full set of candidates

Nominations closed on 09 April for candidates for the district council election on 07 May with only the Conservative Party putting up a full set of candidates, the other political parties appear to have struggled to find sufficient candidates in all seats.

Website Update

In preperation for the 2015 Borough and General Election we are relaunching our website. Our IT staff are working hard to bring you updated campaign information and election news.  Please check back regularly to see how we are getting on...

Commons Touch - CPRE Flooding Conference

So far this winter we have avoided the horrors of the flooding we saw in Kent and other parts of the country in 2013/14. (I am touching every nearby piece of wood as I type this!) But it is important that we heed the lessons of last winter, and make proper provision for the future.

Our Man in Westminster - Operation Stack

After the most recent horrors of Operation Stack we seemed to have prodded the Transport Department into real activity with officials looking seriously at how to find a long-term solution. But what has happened during and since the days of chaos a couple of weeks ago are instructive about how difficult it is. 

Wye By-Election

Wye resident Ian Cooling is the only candidate who lives in Wye and has done for 40 years. Ian knows a wide range of residents across the whole community, in the village and the rural areas. He meets them regularly around the village. This gives him in-depth knowledge of the range of concerns that affect us. This also means that Ian is around the village all the time, not just at election time.

Damian Green - Our Man in Westminster

I return to the subject of solar power this week, after a number of conversations with groups in various villages around Ashford who are seeing planning applications come in for solar installations on existing green fields.