Consultation to introduce Public Space Protection Orders launches

Ashford Borough Council has launched a consultation on the introduction of Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) for four areas within the borough. The consultation began at 9am on Monday 7th November 2016 and runs until midnight on Monday 28th November 2016.

PSPOs allow councils to tackle anti-social behaviour which takes place in a specific, geographical area (as opposed to criminal behaviour orders and injunctions which are directed at individuals). A PSPO is tailored for defined activities, meaning that anyone carrying them out in an area under one of these orders can be prosecuted.

The areas within the consultation have been identified by the council, police reports and complaints received from local residents for nuisance issues. Examples of these include anti-social behaviour, drinking and urinating in public.

The four proposed areas are; the churchyard in the Ashford town centre, the Coney Bear site in South Ashford, the town centre and Singleton Lake.

Following the end of the consultation period, all responses will be analysed and the results reported back to the council. The council will then decide whether each order will be introduced or whether any changes need to be made.

Cllr. Brad Bradford said: “Explaining to people why their behaviour is not acceptable is often enough to deal with a situation, without the need to resort to enforcement action.

“However, where problems may be persistent, by adopting these PSPOs, both council officers and the police will have more powers to prevent such anti-social behaviours.

“Our primary goal is for our residents (and visitors) to enjoy Ashford as an attractive and welcoming place to be.”

Residents can find out more about the consultation and take part in it via If they do not have access to the internet, they can either visit the Civic Centre to use one of our computer terminals or pick up a hard copy.