Latest Development Update looks forward to changing skyline

Ashford is attracting unprecedented levels of inward investment. Major regeneration projects that have been spoken about for so long are now being delivered, with hoardings recently appearing at the Commercial Quarter site and around the Ashford College.

Cranes will soon dominate the horizon at the Commercial Quarter, Elwick Place and Victoria Way, with work on these “Brown Field” sites starting in the coming months.

It is timely therefore that the latest edition of the Development Update has been uploaded to Ashford Borough Council’s website. Once again it summarises the progress on these major developments across the borough’s town centre, as well as applications for our urban and rural sites. There is also news of the latest position on the Local Plan to 2030.

Some of the council’s major regeneration projects are included, in addition to the details of the IMAX cinema application and further plans for Finberry and Repton Park. Stretching to ten pages, the document is accessible and provides strong visuals as well as application numbers for residents and businesses to examine each proposal in greater detail.

Cllr Mike Bennett, Ashford Borough Council’s portfolio holder for planning, development and enforcement said: “This is a popular document and it is important for everyone to see the latest progress across the borough with key sites.

“Planning underpins almost everything and so documents such as this help to emphasise the transparency of the process, and our accountability within that, as we seek to deliver economic investment and growth, and quality housing and homes for all.”

The latest development update can be found on the council’s website at

Anyone wishing to subscribe to the development update should email the Planning Policy Team on