Matthew Scott Elected as Kent's PCC Candidate

The first round of counting showed the Conservative vote achieved 88,398 votes and Ukip got 73 299 votes.

Matthew won Dover, Ashford, Canterbury, Maidstone, Dartford, Gravesham, Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Malling.

Because there was no clear winner on the first round of votes, the ballot moved to a second round with second preference votes for the top two candidates allocated to determine the outcome.  After which Matthew  Scott was then announced the overall winner.

The voter turnout for Kent was 21.5% compared to 16.3% in the last PCC election in 2012.

The highest turnout was in Maidstone - where local elections were also taking place - with 32.1%. It was lowest in Thanet, with 17.6%.

The final tally of votes for each candidate was as follows

Matthew Scott (Con): 104,558

Henry Bolton (UKIP): 87,978

Tris Osborne (Lab): 50,978

David Naghi (Lib Dem): 19,601

Gurvinder Sandher: (Ind): 26,221

Steve Uncles (English Democrats): 8,311…