PCC Candidate - Matthew Scott

Police and Crime Commissioner Election 2016 

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Sunday, 14 February, 2016

Matthew's 6 point plan sets out his priorities:

  1. Cutting crime and reducing re-offending
  2. Delivering value for money
  3. Visible, effective and dedicated policing
  4. Putting the victim at the heart of the justice system
  5. Tackling the misery caused by abuse, substance misuse and antisocial behaviour
  6. Mental health


If you have any suggestions that would help him address some of these challenges, or if you have a question, please contact him.


Matthew lives in Swanley, Kent. He currently works as a Parliamentary Manager in Westminster, and has extensive experience of working with Government departments, local authorities, the Police, charities and other organisations. Matthew often assists with advocacy in casework and complaints processes.

He has served as a local Councillor and School Governor, and led a Community Centre for three years. Matthew has also served as a Media Development Manager for the Scout movement on a voluntary basis and also been a Scout group assistant.

He has a degree in Public Policy, Government and Management from the University of Birmingham after being educated at Beths Grammar School in Kent.

Outside of politics, Matthew is a keen musician, having played in covers bands across Kent and the South East for a number of years. He is a cricket and football fan and enjoys real ale.