Clair Bell - Ashford Rural East

I have been a borough councillor at Ashford for the past 10 years, representing a rural ward and working closely with parish councils to protect villages from unsuitable development whilst at the same time endeavouring to keep our rural communities thriving and sustainable.

I have served on the Cabinet with responsibility for Tourism, Customer Services, Grounds Maintenance and Waste/Recycling, including litter and fly-tipping enforcement. Cracking down on those who blight our streets, parks and verges by carelessly or deliberately dropping litter and fly-tipping has been a priority for me – we live in a beautiful part of the world and I want to see it kept clean and attractive for residents and visitors alike.

My husband and I have lived in Kent since we married 25 years ago and have 3 (nearly) grown up children. I am passionate about our county and, despite the difficult financial times, believe it should always be our aim as local councils to deliver high quality services whilst keeping the tax burden on our residents as low as possible.

Contact information

Home address:  
Brass Tacks 
Benenden Road
TN27 8BY


Bus. mobile:  07970885065