Cllr. Aline Hicks - Weald South

Since being elected four years ago I have represented your local views at various public consultations and enquiries as well as a court case.

Weald South is a particularly large ward which includes Woodchurch, Warehorne, Hamstreet and Orlestone, Shadoxhurst and Stubbs Cross,  so I urge you all to vote for your Conservative  candidates and not to be detracted by single issues such as the growth agenda.  Already my party at borough level has taken advantage of the Localism Bill and there are no longer any growth targets with which to comply.  The Borough  held a public consultation last year which gave us a clear indication of your priorities.  In the main residents want organic growth in housing where standards are better, where there are jobs and improved leisure facilities as well as a greener rubbish collection service.

Living as I do on a  flood plain I have always taken an active part in discussions regarding  the Chilmington Green development and would like to see a  much reduced higher quality settlement planned over a much longer period, with the Discovery Park being given a much higher status.  I believe in local people taking charge of their communities.

As a member of Kingsnorth Parish Council I attend their meetings as well as the other parishes in this ward.  Also I attend the Parish Forum and Kent Association of Local Councils which reflect the views of residents over a wider area.

I believe that we should encourage employment in our rural areas and as a member of the Federation of Small Businesses know that this professional organisation also supports that view.

The school scene interests me greatly and I am a KCC appointed governor at my local school.  I have just been appointed to the County Appeal Panel for admissions.

Getting involved with local events is a great joy to me.  I help out with the Annual Firework display  in Shadoxhurst and have recently joined the excellent new film club in Woodchurch and attend Stubbs Cross WI events whenever possible.  Until recently I was able to help out with a local youth club.  The “drop in” coffee mornings held in Hamstreet continue to amaze me by the effort that local people contribute to their community and this is a theme I find across all of this ward.