Jessamy Blanford - Great Chart with Singleton North

I have really enjoyed representing the residents of Great Chart with Singleton North although it has at times been hard work.

During the last four years, I have sat on a number of committees including Planning, Community Partnerships, Licensing and Standards.  I am a member of the Environment Forum improving Ashford's recycling activities and am the Champion for Climate Change and Energy Saving Technology.  I take a great interest in the activities in my ward regularly attending the Parish Council meetings, am on the Community-Led Plan committee aiming to improve life in the Parish and a keen supporter of the new allotments group, the Barrow & Spade Brigade.  I have negotiated regularly with Redrow over housing, getting the roads adopted and over improving the setting of Singleton North both in ensuring that the grass is sown on the green and arranging for the fencing around the pond on Imperial Way to be taken down.  I have also pressed for the blue box scheme to be extended to the newer houses and I am glad to see that this has now taken place.

 I have lived in the Weald for many years and have a strong feeling for its character.  I look on the proposed development at Chilmington Green as both a challenge and an opportunity.  It is not too late to take part in planning this development or even making your views know through the review of the Core Strategy and I plan to support the residents of my ward in reaching the right decisions. 

Please contact me by telephone: 01233 840050 or email: