Paul Bartlett - Weald East

Paul has been representing the villages of Kingsnorth and Mersham on Ashford Borough Council for the past four years.  Before that Paul represented Mersham, Smeeth and Sevington and has now been on the Council for 12 years.  Paul was Leader of the Council in 2010. 

Ashford continues to face the challenges of delivering the Government’s Growth Agenda.  Because our villages are close to the town we are affected by the new building much more than most and I have sought to ensure that the new development is built in such a way so that it protects our existing environment whilst at the same time delivering all the benefits of a growing town with improved shopping, leisure and social facilities. 

 Recent Ashford Council projects designed to improve the quality of life in Ashford include Junction 9 improvements, Victoria Way (a new road from South Ashford to Chart Road) and the new Gateway Centre.  These are all exciting projects that Ashford Conservatives are committed to delivering. 

Landowners around our villages are pressuring the Council to extend their housing development.  You can be confident that a Conservative administration will protect your interests and ensure that all the resources of the Council are deployed to protect the integrity of the current local plan.  Our view is that new house building in Ashford should be sustainable and use brown field sites first where possible.  Only Ashford Conservatives can deliver on these promises.

Ashford’s Council Tax is the lowest in Kent and our policy for the next four years will be to continue to set a council tax amongst the lowest in the South East.  We are committed to delivering value for money to our Council tax payers and will continue to deliver efficient public services and ensure that your views are heard in the Council Chamber

If you would like to learn more about any aspect of our policies or have any questions please contact Paul on 01233 500667 or 0773 929 3502.