Paul Clokie OBE – Cllr for Tenterden North Ward

I have lived in Tenterden since 1995 and, along with so  many Tenterden residents, chose this town because of its unique character.  When I stood for election in 1997 for the East ward my election platform was Keep Tenterden Special.  This is still my avowed aim. 

Fortunately I have been able to influence, along with my  local councillor colleagues, the Borough Council to be kind to us.  My campaign to keep one hour on-street parking free was successful; the development of our local Council office into a one-stop shop and the keeping of our planning officer,has all been combined into the Gateway library project thereby keeping the post office .

We were successful in bringing £350,000 to an improvement fund for the Tenterden Refresh project.  Our campaign for a 30mph speed limit London Beach to Rolvenden Rd; encouraging the planning officers to facilitate the rebuild of the West Cross gatehouse; and finally the fruition of the scheme to solve the parking problems caused by commuters to the town as well as staff and pupils at Homewood

"It's all very well for the likes of you but we can't afford Waitrose or a house in Tenterden and even the rents are too high.”

That’s a recent quote received from a plumber's assistant and one of the many reasons.I support a planned approach to house building so that a regular supply of affordable housing comes forward in addition to a good mix of open market homes.

The town is under considerable pressure for 3, 4 and 5 bed houses with gardens,  but this does not ease the situation of those who are starting out in  their first job and keen to remain in the town where they were brought up. 15 out of every 50 houses built will produce 10 homes to let and five for shared ownership.

Only planned building produces affordable homes, makes space for our long awaited all day car park, enables a new enlarged surgery space to be found, and will bring genuine extra funds to the benefit of all residents including youth provision, and enable the modernisation of the leisure centre and maybe the opportunity to improve the Ashford bus service hours.

If, like me, you want to keep Tenterden special, then support me on May 5th and vote Clokie, Conservative Party candidate, and get the strength of the team behind you.

You will know that as a result of being leader of ABC I have been able to assist in the following achievements The Rebuild of the Gatehouse,the 30 mph from London beach the cranbrook road,

I will ensure that the future growth of Tenterden is totally influenced by the Town Council and our residents rather than leaving it to developers. Now that we have a new government we can be assured that we will have a sensible outcome which ensures a general mix of housing in any development of which 30 % will be affordable.

With colleagues I have in the last 4 years kept one hour free parking on the High St. eased planning approvals for the Gatehouse rebuild ,enabled £350 000 for Tenterden Improved pushed for the 30 mph in St Michael’s and sorted the parking around Homewood school