Clair Bell - Ashford Rural East

I have been a borough councillor at Ashford for the past 10 years, representing a rural ward and working closely with parish councils to protect villages from unsuitable development whilst at the same time endeavouring to keep our rural communities thriving and sustainable.

Clair Bell - Cllr for Weald Central Ward

Clair has represented the rural ward of Weald Central since 2007 during which time she has been a strong voice for residents and local businesses.  She works closely with parish councils to promote local needs homes in the villages and ensure that as far as possible development in the countryside is appropriate and in accordance with residents’ wishes. 

Paul Bartlett - Cllr Weald East Ward

Paul has been representing the villages of Kingsnorth and Mersham on Ashford Borough Council for the past four years.  Before that Paul represented Mersham, Smeeth and Sevington and has now been on the Council for 12 years.  Paul was Leader of the Council in 2010.