William Howard - Cllr for Saxon Shore Ward

William has been representing the villages of Saxon Shore on Ashford Borough Council for the past five years. Before that William represented Stour Ward in the town centre for four years. This experience has led to a stronger voice for rural residents.

These are exciting times in Ashford. Many new projects are being delivered to improve the lives of residents as a result of the positive vision of Ashford that only a Conservative Administration can deliver. However, with this growth comes many challenges. As Councillor for Saxon Shore I will ensure that rural residents are represented at the Borough level and that village communities are protected. This will be done by ensuring that developments are done in a sustainable way and that brown field sites will always be used first where possible.


Ashford’s Council Tax is the lowest in Kent and the Conservatives policy for the next four years will be to continue to set a council tax amongst the lowest in the South East. As a Conservative Council we are committed to deliver value for money for residents and ensure that your views are heard in the Council Chamber.


William believes that local government must move with the times, LEARN lessons from the past, LISTEN to local residents and LEAD the community to a better future.


If you would like to learn more about any aspect of our policies or have any questions please contact William on 01233 502 967 or email william.howard@ashford.gov.uk. Also, go to William’s ward website saxonshore.yourcllr.com.